Broadcast Talk

  • broadcast news interviews
  • presidential news conferences
  • campaign interviews
  • question design and journalistic norms (new papers posted)
  • answers and evasions
  • determinants of aggressive questioning
  • historical development of press-state relations
  • politicians in infotainment interviews
  • position-taking and sociopolitical legitimacy (new papers posted)

Other Forms of Institutional Talk

  • newspaper editorial conferences
  • gatekeeping in cultural production
  • quotations and soundbites
  • speaker-audience interactions – applause, booing, laughter
  • courtroom talk – trial examinations, jury deliberations, mediation
  • emergency service calls

Ordinary Conversation

  • questions and answers
  • address terms in action (new papers posted)
  • offers and requests (new papers posted)
  • invitations and arrangements
  • turn endings and turn extensions (new papers posted)